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The Kennedys with the Lonesome Brothers opening ~ 2008 September 27 ~ Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA

... by Joanne Corsano

The Kennedys
Maura and Pete Kennedy
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We went to that fab nonprofit venue, the Narrows, to see the Kennedys. They're two folk singers with guitars, a married couple, Pete and Maura Kennedy. Pete is a very talented instrumentalist and Maura has a very sweet voice, and they sound very nice together. They were also almost unbearably cute, especially Maura, who dressed in a little black dress, fancy tights, and stage boots, and she looked really happy most of the show. Pete is maybe the more serious player of the two, but he seemed to enjoy himself, too. They were among the more photogenic acts we've seen recently.

For once, Concert Going Partner and I disagreed about the show. He didn't like them all that much, saying they were "too folk." Maybe I like pure folk more than he does, because I liked them quite a bit. I am also easily swayed by a "look" on stage, and cute twinkly little Maura certainly had the look. They both moved around the stage, striking rock star poses as they played their guitars; it was really quite entertaining to watch.

The show was opened by the Lonesome Brothers, a duo who play country consisting of Jim Armenti on guitar and Ray Mason on bass. The two guys alternate songs. The audience enjoyed their set quite a bit and engaged in some good natured teasing of them: "are you guys really brothers?" and "are you really lonesome?" Since we've been a fan of Ray Mason for a few years, it was enjoyable to see him in his country incarnation, and to hear the talented Jim Armenti for the first time. Ray Mason and Jim Armenti joined the Kennedys for a few songs at the end of their set. Maura and Pete clearly appreciate the mentoring they have received from these two veterans of the music business. I would not be at all surprised to find out that Maura and Pete call them Uncle Ray and Uncle Jim; and if they don't, they should.

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