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The Figgs ~ 2012 December 14 and 15 ~ Church of Boston ~ Boston, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Band Personnel: Mike Gent (guitar, lead and backing vocals); Pete Hayes (drums, occasional lead vocals); Pete Donnelly (bass, lead and backing vocals); Guy Lyons (guitar, lead and backing vocals); special guest John Powhida (vocals and bass on two songs)

Set List

For complete set lists of both shows, I refer you to for December 14 and for December 15.

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The Figgs
Pete Donnelly, Guy Lyons
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"Bad Luck Sammie":

Concert Review

Long-time Figgs fans were in for a treat these two nights, as the band, in celebrating their 25th year as a performing unit, have recruited original member Guy Lyons to join them on stage for one set per night.

I have seen The Figgs as a trio quite a few times, and I have even seen them as a four-piece once before, when Scott Janovitz briefly joined them on keyboards (here is a review of that show), but I had never seen this original line-up before. So, although I knew Guy was going to join the boys for the second set, it still took me by surprise to see this fellow with a buzz cut and a Black Flag t-shirt come out and take what apparently is his customary spot on the right side of the stage to the side of Pete Donnelly. He leaped out onto the stage energetically, striking rock star poses, playing his guitar with aggression, and even doing a few rock star leaps at the end of songs.

The band played a very full two sets at this extremely good venue, where the dance floor/standing area is so clean they must actually wash the floor every night. The Figgs decorated the big stage for Christmas with strings of lights draped over the drums, amps and other equipment, as well as a string of clear white lights along the front of the stage. They also played the Kinks' "Father Christmas." The crowd was enthusiastic but not quite as numerous as at the Figgs' shows here in June.

During the second set, the four Figgs performed early Figgs material recorded during the time Guy was in the band. I believe he left the band in 1987. I also found out that he was still in the band when the Figgs backed up Graham Parker on one of his live albums, The Last Rock 'n' Roll Tour. Although Guy wasn't prolific as a songwriter during his time in the band, the songs he did write were always top-notch. I particularly like "Bad Luck Sammie" which I was lucky enough to video (scroll up for link). This song includes a line: "football favorites were always the Patriots" ... well, tonight he changed it to "the Jets."

During the second set Mike started to talk about heading over to Q Division, recording studio in Somerville, after the show to play some more. Although I thought he would be overruled by Pete Donnelly, it turns out they really did go over there and play a half dozen songs, according to this page on

The second night I only stayed for the first set since I had early morning plans on Sunday.

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