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Ray Mason ~ 2013 August 14 ~ Chili Head BBQ ~ West Bridgewater, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Ray Mason accompanying himself on Silvertone guitar

Set List

Shooting Over the Head - I'm Not That Kind of Guy - When She Walks By - Sometimes in Love - goofing around at a few Eric Burdon songs - English Leather - Bright Lit Blue Sky {The Ramrods} - Lock - Never Run Out - Twice and Out - Lunchbox - Magnet {NRBQ} ... intermission ... Summer Kind of Thing - I Must Be In Trouble {Lonesome Brothers} - Missyouville - Monkey in a Convent - Up But So Loose - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere {Neil Young} - I Saw the Light {Todd Rundgren) - Liner Notes


The Chili Head B-B-Q restaurant just off of Rte. 24 in southeastern Massachusetts got a favorable review in this Sunday's Boston Globe so I wasn't surprised to see a bigger crowd in the performing space than the last time I saw Ray Mason perform here, but unfortunately they'd mostly come for the ribs, not the music. One concert goer enjoyed Ray's music, said he sounded like Neil Young, and was persistent in requesting a song by Mr. Young. Ray obliged with "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere." He actually played more covers at this show than usual, but didn't disappoint with a good selection of his own pop songs, which range from the quirky ("Never Run Out") to the beautifully heartfelt ("Missyouville"). I try not to miss the chance to see Ray perform when he travels from his home turf of IronHorseVille to anyplace more convenient to my Cape Cod homebase. I think Ray Mason is the best songwriter you've never heard of, and if it's a shame the Stompers never made it big in the rock 'n' roll universe, this guy deserves a much bigger niche in the singer-songwriter realm for his literate, melodic, and unpretentious songs.

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