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Ray Mason (A Man and His Silvertone) ~ 2013 December 11 ~ Chili Head BBQ ~ Bridgewater, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Ray Mason
Ray Mason (A Man and His Silvertone)
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Ray Mason accompanying himself on Silvertone guitar; Frank Marsh, backing vocal on one song; Curt Naihersey, backing vocal on one song.

Set List

Water Off Of a Duck - I'm Not That Kind of Guy - Everly - Not Everyone Can Live in California - Twice and Out - Liner Notes - End of the World {Skeeter Davis - audience singalong} - Why Do I Cry {Barry and the Remains} - Since Him - Castanets - I Must Be In Trouble {Lonesome Brothers} ... intermission ... Shooting Over the Head - a few bars of Jimi Hendrix songs, just goofing around - Holiday - When She Walks By [with Frank Marsh on vocal] - I Saw the Light {Todd Rundgren} [with Curt Naihersey on vocal] - Summer Kind of Song - Missyouville - Pop Dreams {just a few bars} - Heaven in a Jar - Vividly {a new song that is only 30 seconds long} - Didn't Want to Have To Do It {Lovin' Spoonful}

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"Since Him/Castanets":

"When She Walks By":

"I Saw the Light":


Had a swell time seeing Ray Mason perform at this friendly little restaurant/pub tucked away in the little town of Bridgewater in southeastern Massachusetts. Ray brought his Silvertone as always but left the red sneakers behind.

In attendance at the show was Frank Marsh, drummer for the Ray Mason Band, currently bouncing back from rotator cuff surgery. Although he can't drum right now, he can still sing, and contributed very sweet backing vocals to a cheery RMB ode to summer, "When She Walks By." Ray writes a lot of songs that invoke a feeling of summer, and this is one of the best.

Also in attendance was Curt Naihersey, "Mr. Curt," another stalwart on the local music scene, and he also contributed a backing vocal on "I Saw the Light." Concert Going Partner and I took turns running the camcorder and so we got videos of both of these, and they are both quite fun, so scroll up to the links to the videos and enjoy.

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