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Ray Mason ~ 2014 October 9 ~ The Harvest Café ~ Hudson, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Ray Mason
A Man and His Silvertone
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Ray Mason accompanying himself on Silvertone electric guitar

Set List

Lock - Sometimes In Love - I've Got a Good Dentist - Since Him - Hiding in Plain Sight {new song} - It's All About You - Everybody's Into Their Own - Something Interesting - Bare Feet on an Old Cold Floor {new song} - The Passing of Time {Lonesome Brothers} - Heaven In a Jar - What Does It Take To Win Your Love {Junior Walker cover} - Like Bugs Chewing On Paper - Up But So Loose ... intermission ... I'm Not That Kind of Guy - Up Among the Rafters - They Don't Make Records Like That Anymore - Summer Kind of Thing - The Man He Was Before - Liner Notes - Frozen George {Lonesome Brothers} - Missyouville

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"The Man He Was Before"


Ray Mason is a simple guy. An almost fifty-year-old guitar with no foot pedals and no capo, a comfortable aging hippy look, a droll sense of humor, fabulous songwriting, and what All Music Guide calls his "everyman voice" are all he needs to deliver a night of topnotch entertainment, every time.

Tonight's show was especially good, as Mr. Ray plucked a few rarities out of his deep catalog, including the song I filmed, "The Man He Was Before." This song features some very tasty guitar playing as well as a touching story about a regular guy who drinks too much. Ray played two brand new songs, "Hiding in Plain Sight" (the chords of which, he says, are loosely based on "So You Want To Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star") and "Bare Feet on An Old Cold Floor." I was particularly happy to hear two songs Ray recorded with his diesel-rock band The Lonesome Brothers, "Frozen George" (a real audience favorite) and "The Passing of Time" (a song from their most recent album, Check Engine, in which Ray tells the story of how he became a songwriter, in a blessedly simple three minutes).

Concert Going Partner and I have been to the Harvest Café a couple of times before, and we enjoy their unpretentious but good quality food and friendly atmosphere.

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