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Ray Mason ~ 2015 April 16 ~ The Harvest Café ~ Hudson, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Ray Mason
Ray Mason
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Ray Mason accompanying himself on Silvertone electric guitar

Set List

I'm Not That Kind Of Guy - Lock - Hiding In Plain Sight - Lunchbox - Everybody's Into Their Own - Warm Vinyl 1959 - Early In The Spring - Summer Kind of Thing - Gloria {just a snippet} - Since Him - They Don't Make Records Like That Anymore - Castanets ... intermission ... I Must Be In Trouble - Full Of Charity - Liner Notes - Heaven In A Jar - Twice & Out - goofy snippets of a number of pop songs including Solitary Man {Neil Diamond} - Are You Ready {Barbara Mason}


Full of Charity


Concert Going Partner and I spent a couple of days celebrating my birthday in the Boston area, and figured we'd catch Ray Mason's last gig at the Harvest Café as part of the fun. It's his last gig there because the venue is being sold and it is unclear if the new owner has any interest in hosting live music. Stay tuned for more.

Ray, accompanied by his trusty 1960s vintage Silvertone, played a fun and sometimes goofy set of mostly his own well-written and melodic pop songs, mixed in with a few covers. He has a few new songs and I am looking forward to a new Ray Mason Band album pretty soon. He started off on considering the list of songs you have just heard too many times and played a few bars of some of them, and then finished up with a pretty fine rendition of Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man," not because that song is heard all the time, but because one of Neil Diamond's other songs is (Red Sox fans will understand).

Stories are always a part of a Ray Mason gig, and this time around he told a fun story involving Ray Davies of The Kinks. Years ago Ray Mason's friend Paul Zinkiewich, who lives near Ray in Western Massachusetts, told him he had gone to art school with Ray Davies. Ray Mason wasn't sure what to think of this. Anyway, Ray went on a trip to England and while there attended a book signing with Ray Davies. Ray Davies politely asked Ray where he was from, and when he learned he was from Western Massachusetts, said to him: "Hey, do you know my old school mate Paul Zinkiewich?" File that one in the very, very small world, and the true story, departments.

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