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The Kennedys with Ray Mason ~ 2016 October 22 ~ Sandywoods Music ~ Tiverton, RI

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Maura and Pete Kennedy
Maura and Pete Kennedy
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Pete Kennedy, vocals, electric guitar; Maura Kennedy, vocals, acoustic guitar; Ray Mason, opening set (vocals and Silvertone) and three songs with The Kennedys (bass guitar and vocals)

Set List

Life Is Large - Locket - Southern Jumbo - Villanelle - Fireflies - She Worked Her Magic on Me - The Mad Russian - Riot in Bushwick - Travel Day Blues ... intermission ... Dharma Café - Boddhisatva Blues - Queen of Hollywood High {John Stewart} - Gulf Coast Highway {Nancy Griffith} - Perfect Love - Williamsburg Bridge - Like a Rolling Stone {Dylan} (with Ray) - Mr. Tambourine Man {Dylan, Byrds version} (with Ray) ... encore ... Stand (with Ray)

Ray Mason Set List

I'm Not That Kind of Guy - Liner Notes - Monkey in a Convent - Cats - Happy Anniversary (to Maura and Pete) - Not Everyone Can Live in California - Passenger - Eighteen {Alice Cooper}


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"Eighteen" (Ray Mason)

"Riot in Bushwick"


Americana singer-songwriters Maura and Pete Kennedy played another entertaining show at this low-key, friendly Rhode Island venue. The married duo -- celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary -- are still featuring songs from their most recent band album, West, as well as from Maura's and Pete's recent solo albums. It was particularly fun to hear Pete's "Riot in Bushwick," a toe-tapping take on getting in trouble with the cops told from the point of view of an innocent hired musician. Pete also tossed in an instrumental, "Mad Russian," from a previous solo record, in which he also improvised riffs from James Bond and a whole slew of other espionage tunes. Other songs from their deep catalog that goes back a couple of decades were featured, including the inspirational "Life Is Large" and their anthemic "Stand." They played a song called "Perfect Love" that had been written for Pete and Maura quite a few years ago by John Wicks (of The Records) but just recorded on the latest album; they played this jangle guitar love song to celebrate their anniversary. Pete was playing a brand new electric guitar that someone had given him just last night, and Maura was also playing a guitar that was a gift from a fan. Pete commented that he has fun playing the guitar, and you won't see him on one of those websites that show musicians making faces because they're playing giant slugs instead of guitars.

The show was opened by a groovy 30 minute set from the incomparable Ray Mason. Ray plays a $25 guitar, a 1965 Silvertone from Sears Roebuck, proving that it's the player, not the instrument, that makes a great sound. Ray played two songs from his new album, The Shy Requester, and a smattering of his oldies-but-goodies, including a song called "Liner Notes" that he introduced by naming a couple of dozen of the albums he loves. The Kennedys invited Ray on stage to play bass on their last three songs, and he sang part of the vocal on Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone."

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