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Kim and Reggie Harris ~ 2017 May 13 ~ Javawocky Coffeehouse ~ Brockton, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Kim and Reggie Harris
Kim and Reggie Harris
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Kim Harris, vocals; Reggie Harris, vocals and guitar; Tom Smith, opening set, vocals and guitar

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High Over the Hudson


Kim and Reggie Harris returned for the tenth time to this unpretentious Unitarian Universalist church basement to lead the audience in a joyful and thought provoking celebration of song. A Kim and Reggie concert is a feel good experience, as these two singers, educators, and social activists bring both knowledge and delight with their music.

Reggie is a songwriter, singer, storyteller, and guitarist, and equally adept at all aspects of his craft. Kim is a wonderful singer and storyteller, and together their voices, and their personalities, blend to create a fun and informative evening of music.

Their sixteen song set ranged from ancient spirituals telling the stories of African American people, to uplifting renditions of familiar songs of social conscience ("This Land is Your Land," "If I Had a Hammer"), to a handful of inspiring originals. These included Kim and Reggie's tributes to two of their musical idols, Woody Guthrie ("Roll on Woody") and Pete Seeger ("High Over the Hudson").

The show was opened by Tom Smith, who performed a half dozen original songs based in the folk tradition of songs of social change. He reminded me very much of Pete Seeger, with his affable disposition and singing that was quiet but nonetheless carried a powerful message. He was so good that Kim and Reggie invited him back up on stage toward the end of their set to reprise one of his songs, "We Have Been Here Before," a song inspired by the current situation in Washington, on which Kim and Reggie ("the Smithettes") sang harmony. It was one of the highlights of the evening.

I very much recommend the Javawocky Coffeehouse as a place to see a concert. There is plenty of parking in the church lot just across the street. Seating consists of round tables seating six people each. Ticket prices are very reasonable, and the staff bring baked goods and coffee for which they ask a small donation.

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