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The Stompers ~ 2017 November 25 ~ Bull Run Restaurant ~ Shirley, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

The Stompers
Steve Gilligan, Sal Baglio
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Band Personnel: Sal Baglio, guitar, lead vocals; Steve Gilligan, bass, vocals; Jeremy Brown, piano, vocals; Dave Friedman, organ, vocals; John Biafore, guitar, Mellotron, vocals; Lenny Shea, drums.

Set List

So You Want To Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star {The Byrds} - Streetboy and Angel Ann - Shutdown - Let's Rock 'n' Roll {Rock E. Rollins} - She's An Angel - Shakin' All Over {Johnny Kidd & The Pirates} - You're The One - Temptation - The Weight {The Band} - Rock 'n' Roll Church - Just Like Rain - East Side Girl - Good News Now - Rock Jump & Holler - Never Tell An Angel - Coast to Coast - Palisades Park - American Fun - Santa Claus is Back in Town - All I Want For Christmas is a Rock 'n' Roll Guitar


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Let's Rock and Roll

She's An Angel


Lead Stomper Sal Baglio asked the audience if there was anyone in attendance who had never seen The Stompers before. A few hands went up. I think that's great, that after forty years this group of musicians can still bring happiness to new people.

And that's what a Stompers show is all about -- happiness, fun, and a foot-stompin' good time. The songs are mostly from their own catalog, with an occasional Sal Baglio "solo" number thrown in, and a generous helping of classic covers, some hidden treasures from the rock 'n' roll era, some very well known. Although fun and a good time are what The Stompers are for, Sal did make a couple of serious remarks about the current political climate in our country. (I believe the term he used was that turd in the White House.) He also told off a group of concert goers who were chattering away loudly among themselves instead of paying attention!

Sal's rapport with these talented musicians, all of whom are old friends, is a joy to behold. After a break from the band of about three years, long time drummer Lenny Shea was back in the fold (he also plays in several other bands). Sal remarked that once Lenny joined the band back in the old days, all of a sudden they started attracting more girls. Occasional second guitarist John Biafore was present; in addition to guitar, he also played a Mellotron on a couple of songs. Dave Friedman, in from California for the show, took a dramatic organ solo on "Temptation" and strutted his stuff with a bit of soft shoe dancing. Each musician took a few solos on more than one song, and Jeremy Brown and Steve Gilligan each sang a lead vocal on a verse of "The Weight." As for Steve, he is definitely not of the quiet-and-well-behaved school of bass playing -- what fun that guy has on stage!

This was my only Stompers show this year, so it was especially sweet to hear them. When Sal sees me in the crowd he always gives me a nod on the song "American Fun" (since the lyrics feature a girl named Joanne). I hope next year will be another great year for this band, as they embark on their fifth decade of rock 'n' roll!

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