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Enter the Haggis ~ 2017 December 29 ~ Spire Center for Performing Arts ~ Plymouth, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Enter the Haggis
Enter the Haggis
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Enter the Haggis are a Celtic rock fusion band from Canada, more rock than Celtic. This high-energy five piece band play a variety of instruments with skill and style, sing good harmonies, and have a wide range of songs. They were at their best when the fiddle player/guitarist/keyboardist was playing the fiddle. I enjoyed hearing the highland pipes, which whatever way you look at it, is one of the craziest looking instruments in any ensemble.

Toward the end of the show, the fiddle player/guitarist introduced his wife, who then fiddled and sang on a couple of songs. The show was opened by a Celtic duo (fiddler and a guitarist who sang).

The Spire is a great venue, not least because it's a half hour from home. The seats are reserved, so if you act quickly when a show is announced, you can get the front row without having to stand in line on the day of the show. This was a very cold night, but the lobby was open so no one had to wait outside. The lobby is just behind the seating area (pews in this former church). They sell beer, wine, and soft drinks. There are no silly rules about taking pictures or video. The backdrop of the former church is very attractive and made for some nice pictures, so please check out the photo gallery (to the right).


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