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Pete Donnelly and Brett Newski - 2014 August 26 ~ Brick Hill House Concert ~ Orleans, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Pete Donnelly accompanying himself on electric guitar and electric bass; Brett Newski accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, harmonica, and ankle bells, also accompanied by Dinah (hostess) on violin on one song

Set List (Pete Donnelly)

Got Caught Up - Face the Bird - Hunger Like - Something Happened - Waiting for the Sun to Rise - Original Wonder - Can't Talk At All - American Town - (unknown - played on bass - Tuneful Music?) - Toodle-Oo (played on bass) - Kill Me Now - The Shape I'm In {The Band} - When You Come Home

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Pete Donnelly
Pete Donnelly
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Almost exactly one year after I first saw Pete Donnelly (of The Figgs) solo at a house concert in Providence, RI, I had the chance to see him again at a house concert, this time on my home turf of Cape Cod.

Pete played a delightfully loose 13-song set comprised mostly of songs from his two superb solo albums (Face the Bird and When You Come Home), along with a couple of covers and two Figgs songs. "Waiting For the Sun To Rise" (one of the Figgs songs) began with what Brett Newski referred to as the "espionage riff." Pete played a shiny electric guitar for most of the songs, and switched to bass for two of the songs. The song I happened to video ("Toodle-Oo," see above) was played on the bass.

The show was opened by a young singer-songwriter, Brett Newski, who played acoustic guitar and sang into an interesting double microphone, one of which fed through some sort of audio distortion, and as he switched from one mike to the other, he sounded like two different singers. His songs ran the gamut from silly to profound. He and Pete had a nice rapport, played together on a few songs, and have been travelling together doing a tour of venues ranging from small nightclubs to house concerts. It was fun seeing these two musicians in such a small, cozy setting.

Nestled in the woods in East Orleans, Dinah Mellin (known locally as a DJ on Outer Cape Radio WOMR) has a truly lovely spot to host a concert. A not very big living room, connecting to a not very big kitchen, nonetheless gives enough room for a few dozen attendees, and there is also a balcony overlooking the living room with space for a few more folks. Although I attended specifically to see Pete, I think I'll be back to catch another performance at this off-the-beaten-track local venue.

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