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Ray Mason ~ 2017 April 29 ~ Bread Euphoria ~ Haydenville, MA

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Rick Murnane, Ray Mason
Rick Murnane, Ray Mason
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Ray Mason, vocals, Silvertone guitar; Rick Murnane, vocals on two songs

Set List

Heavenly Ladder - I Gave Up Giving Up Drinking - Who's Gonna Play Like That - Castanets - Water Off a Duck - Newsboy's Toss - Lunchbox - Flying on the Ground {Buffalo Springfield} - Reverb and a Zip Code - Missyouville - Passenger - I'm Not That Kind of Guy [with Rick Murnane] - Big Hug [with Rick Murnane] - Happy Birthday [to nephew Michael] - 18 {Alice Cooper} ... intermission ... When She Walks By - Liner Notes - Monkey in a Convent - Not Everyone Can Live in California - Magnet {NRBQ} - English Leather - Please Translate



Monkey in a Convent


It was a pleasure to attend a Ray Mason concert in his neck of the woods, well attended by local fans and some family members. Ray is the best songwriter you've never heard of, as his latest album, The Shy Requester, demonstrates. Ray started the show with three tunes from this latest album and continued to sprinkle the set with other songs from this record, including my personal favorite, "Passenger," a gentle plea to go along with another on life's journey.

Ray was joined on vocals for two songs by another Pioneer Valley singer/songwriter, Rick Murnane, who added very nice harmony to "I'm Not That Kind of Guy" and "Big Hug." He had this appealing way of leaning backwards and a little to the side so he was singing into the mike while still facing the audience.

What a nice venue Bread Euphoria is. Although it's not exactly set up for music (there is no stage, just an open space at one end of the seating area), it has a warm and friendly vibe that was a perfect match for Ray's cheerful and melodic songs. Concert Going Partner and I shared a pizza that was absolutely heavenly. The venue serves a variety of sandwiches, organic soda, pizza, and dessert. The location is out in the middle of nowhere a few miles west of cosmopolitan Northampton.

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