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Mouths of Babes ~ 2017 November 6 ~ Singing Oak House Concerts ~ West Harwich, MA

... by Joanne Corsano ...

Mouths of Babes
Ingrid Elizabeth, Ty Greenstein
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Ingrid Elizabeth, vocals, cajon, upright bass, ukulele, kazoo, harmonica; Ty Greenstein, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, foot percussion

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Two If By Sea

I've Just Seen a Face


The wonderfully entertaining duo calling themselves Mouths of Babes played a house concert in the quiet setting of Harwich, MA on a Monday evening. For the second time in three days I attended a concert when I didn't know what to expect, and went home very impressed.

These two women, Ingrid Elizabeth and Ty Greenstein, are veterans of other bands and the folk scene, and they have merged their diverse talents to create an uplifting duet. Their harmonies are fantastic, their rapport on stage is infectious, and their songs, ranging from sad ballads to upbeat tunes, are well crafted folk-pop gems. Their styles are very different and beautifully complementary. Ingrid, dressed in a multi-colored dress with frills and glitter, has a touch of sass and a bit of a country twang, and she plays a range of instruments masterfully, ranging from the biggest (upright bass) to the smallest (ukulele). She also plays the cajon (that drum box that the player sits on) and some harmonica and even kazoo. Ty, sporting a stylish pompadour and vest, is the more serious of the two, and says she usually handles the sad songs in the band. Her instruments are acoustic and electric guitar and a foot drum. She does marvelous things with those two guitars, including on a couple of songs when the guitar sounded like a piano.

Most of the songs they played were originals from their 2014 EP (Faith and Fumes) and their recent full-length album (Brighter In the Dark). The song that really brought the house down was a new song, "Hey Robert Mueller," in which they used a '60s girl group sound to get the point across that they are really looking forward to results from the Mueller investigation. You can find their video of the song on Youtube. It is brilliant.

The Singing Oak House Concerts have been held in a West Harwich home for about three years. This is Mouths of Babes' second visit. About fifty chairs were set up in the spacious living room with good visibility for everyone. The concert goers are invited to contribute a munchable to share, and before the show and during the intermission, everyone stood around amiably in an adjoining room enjoying snacks and conversation.

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